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A lot of people don't know what "Uyghur" is, they've never even heard of it, but here you will learn something new & who "Uyghur" is. Uyghur food is one of the most unique different & different flavored food you'd ever try. It's all handmade from scratch with fresh ingredients.






Uyghur History

Uyghurs are a Turks people native to Central Asia and inhabit parts of the Tarim, Junghar, and Turpan basins. Uyghur's themselves refer to this area collectively as “Uyghuristan,” “East Turkestan,” and sometimes “Chinese Turkestan.” Have you heard of Uzbekistan (Uzbek)? Will Uzbek people's native roots are from Uyghur people but back in the early ages they've separated now the language accent is

different and some religion practices are different from Uyghur's.


Uyghur people live for the most part in northwestern China, in the Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang; a small number live in the Central Asian republics under control of Chinese government. (If you'd like to learn more history of Uyghur roots, Google “Brief history of Uyghur people” you will be impressed & shocked)


About Roze's Caravan Sarai

There’s several reasons on why we opened this restaurant. First let me tell you the meaning of “Roze's Caravan Sarai” Roze is the name of the oldest daughter of the owner who is also the main chef, Caravan Sarai is meaning camels in the desert walking forward together, always sticking by each other and do not give up to get to their destination. So one of the reasons is of course to share our delicious food with everybody, other reason is to teach and show people what Uyghur is & where we come from, and most important reason is to show that “Uyghur” people exist, and we are all over the world.

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